Do you believe you prefer one thing over another because you like it? Or, maybe, you are just supposed to like it, while being a part of, you know…’the system’.


‘I have a choice’ you would say. Well, you seem to have it, however, ‘your’ choice was made far before you even questioned yourself about it. Whether you like it or not, rules are set by those from the other side of the screens. We are elaborately researched, sorted, and at this stage discrimination is born. With all the division, classification and bright labels on our foreheads we are expected to exalt one image over another. Guess what – it works.

Why does it? It is more profitable, it is less complicated, and it is quite obvious that people tend to be super smart when they see an amazing opportunity to make more money for less effort (neglecting the origination of some substantial issues, of course).

Why do I think it is important? Because we are more than these.

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