Other Issues in Media and Society

I truly enjoyed reading all the blogs, guys chose amazing topics and had strong support and examples, which were often fun to watch. However, I picked 5 issues that I gonna share with you right now 😉 

 • I believe, materialism has always been an important issue, however, with this world going so fast and crazy, it became even more extreme now. In https://malyshevablog.wordpress.com Yana talks about the topic and gives great examples of not so great ‘virus’ of materialism, which reached us all.

   • Second issue I would like to share with you is censorship in media. Isn’t it creepy how watched we are and how elaborately researched? Some shocking information and also useful links here – https://mediacensorshipblog.wordpress.com .

 • Another problem in media is stereotypical representation of women in media. About the sexism in media, fashion industry and advertising and how it is shaping our minds on https://darinashelk.wordpress.com .

 • More about children as target audience for ads and the morality of these manipulations on the blog  http://ourchildrenasconsumers.blogspot.cz/?m=1

Really made me think about the way I should educate my younger brother about the media.

• Last, but not the least – blog about corporate influence on news https://fakenews2016.wordpress.com . Great topic itself, a lot of good content, and amazing story about personal experience in brainwashing people 😉

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