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Media is something absolutely magical, unperceivable, and terrible in the same time. The thing is that it has an ability to completely change the mankind. Can you imagine how many power is in hands of those people ‘for the other side of the screen’? Technically, with the usage of ‘smart’ approach, the mass media can deliver any message to the people. Cause whether we like it, or not, we are social beings and it’s just insane how social beings can be easily influenced by each other.


“One of the values that we ascribe to the media in an increasingly globalized world is the awareness that it can generate about realities outside the realm of one’s own personal experiences. The audiovisual power of the television provides a ‘magic window’ that brings a vast variety of geographical and cultural locales and a range of ideas into our homes. In modern democratic societies it is the media that must provide access to information on various events and issues, and allow for a diversity of opinion and points of view”.

( Nambiar & Manthur, 2002).


Well, how often in our media-dominated society we see those ‘other-side’ people delivering good messages? Inspiring others? Spreading awareness of really important issues? Uniting people? Motivating them to do things that are out of the ordinary? And how about the lies? Informational wars? Promotion of absolutely unnecessary values? Categorizing people into groups, which obviously leads to discrimination? Don’t you think those media ‘professionals’ got lost a bit? This is how good conscience can be erased by money, imho.


“Hence, while partaking of the opportunities that the new media offer, as educators and learners we can hardly underestimate the power of the media in shaping our thought process, subtly influencing our attitudes, and blunting our capacity to respond to real-life challenges”.

( Nambiar & Manthur, 2002).

Discrimination is fragile and really controversial topic. It is not something that can only be delivered explicitly, as person can discriminate even without any words or gestures. Why all of us are more or less likely to discriminate? It is not clearly noticeable, but we are exposed to discriminative messages all the time. And even though we can try to reject them, our brain has the ability to unconsciously make connections and build associations that will show up sooner or later.

Finally, I believe it is important to be aware of these issues, to spread the awareness and to have in mind that we are more than these and should not let them label us as objects.

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

(Audre Lorde, 1986)


Nambiar, J., & Mathur, A. (2002, June). Media, Society and Education: Perspectives and Issues for Our Times. Retrieved May 02, 2016, from

Lorde, A. (1986). Our dead behind us: Poems. New York: W.W. Norton.

One thought on “My View

  1. When reading your blog, I was constantly asking myself a question: “Do I really sometimes discriminate people without even noticing?”. And you know what? I came to a conclusion that I really do… And the Media has a lot to do with it, since it imposes artificially created images of different people, countries, and societies. Being influenced by these stereotypes we, indeed, uncontiously insult people having no notion about that. And yes, I’m one of those people who , seeing a muslim, assume that he or she could be a terrorist and think that all Asians are Chinese … And this is horrible, because such perceptions are created “thanks to” nothing but the Media. In my opinion, the situation with discrimination and racism cannot be handled by anything or anyone, since the Media provokes more and more international tension every year. What is to be discussed when even the famous polititians promote intercultural discrimination?


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