For Further Research


While on the subject of discrimination, it’s spread by the media, and impact on other spheres of society, there are some pretty cool things on-line that will worth your attention in case you are interested in getting to know more about the topic and even about yourself  🙂

 ♦ In order to understand the issue to the full extent I would recommend to start with this lesson of the “Crash Course Psychology” where they explain the strength of social influence in both fun and cohesive way.


 ♦ Well, when now you know a thing or two about the social influence we can move to the nature of prejudice and discrimination itself.


 ♦ Same guys from the Crash Course also made episodes about the discrimination and, in particular, sex discrimination in government and politics. 



 ♦ Finally, when you have completely mastered the topic, you can check out how ‘discriminative’ your implicit associations with different groups in society are. You can take on-line test developed by Harvard University right here.

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